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Monday, 1 October 2012

Arabic women for marriage with Arabic Men

Arabic Marriages
Arabic marriages are changed in the past 100 years or more years. Cultural Arabic marriages were very similar to modern-day Bedouin marriages and rural marriages, and they were different from one Jordan to Saudi Arabic, even within the same country like UAE. They also differ from rural to urban areas of Arabic speaking countries. Arranged marriages are still more common then love marriages among Arab society.

The wedding process starts with conversation between the couple's families, and ends with the wedding's (leilat al-dokhla). A lawful Arabic marriage is considered cultured, when both Arabic bride and groom should agree to become husband and Wife.
Arabic women are more shy than any other girl on this planet, usually in terms of wedding proposals, they cannot discuss there groom with their friends or family.

Arranged marriages and Arabic Engagement
This is 21st century love marriages are as common as arranged marriages in Arab world and this platform is helping in both marriages, either Love or arranged, but this site is limited for Arabs only.  In the Arab world and GCC courtiers , it is not necessary for men and women to select their own bride and groom. This is normally the duty of the father or in some cases of mother if father is not alive. It is he / she who feels the ultimate responsible for procuring a bride for son or daughter.

Three things to Decorate Arabic bride
·         Henna
·        Antimony
·        Gold-leaf

Three types of Ornaments for Arabic brides
1.           A chin-chain
2.           Bracelets
3.           Finger-rings


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